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Culebra Power Boat & Bioluminescent Bay Combo Tour

Quick Details

Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages 5 - 12

Culebra Snorkeling & Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Split the day to experience both the Culebra Power Boat Tour and the Bioluminescent Bay Tour on this combo adventure.

Culebra Power Boat

  • Check-in time for Culebra: 7:30 a.m.
  • Includes: lunch, drinks, and snorkeling equipment

Bioluminescent Bay

  • Check-in time for bio bay can be anywhere from 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. ( depending on time of year) .
  • Includes: snacks, refreshments, and kayaking gear

Days of operation: Mondays thru Saturdays

Tour Includes

  • Deli Style Buffet Lunch
    • Local Bread, Ham, Turkey, Cheese, Salad, Pickles, & Bean Salad
  • Local Fruits & Snacks
  • Complimentary Piña Colada & Rum Punch drinks, refreshments & water
  • Quality snorkeling gear provided
  • Small size gear for children ages 6 & up
  • Flotation devices
  • Snorkeling instructions
  • Fresh water boat showers
  • Easy access to the water using two “Sea Ladders”
  • Radio am fm cd aux stereo sound
  • Round trip sea cruise to Culebra’s beaches and snorkeling spots aboard our speedy, comfortable 46’ tour boat, ‘Tobias’

What to Bring

  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen (aerosol not allowed)
  • Dry change of clothes
  • Waterproof camera

For more information:


  • Bringing alcohol aboard is not allowed.
  • Bio Bay portion of the tour may NOT be canceled same day. Please be aware this is a FULL day and we will not reimburse, reschedule or refund if guest comes back from Boat Tour too tired to do Bio Bay tour.