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About Us

We are an Owner/Operator family celebrating two generations in the adventure tour business. Our mission is to make our guest’s tour experience, the highlight of their visit to Puerto Rico – our enchanted Island!

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our business depends on a healthy environment to be successful. Our highest priority is the care and preservation of the reefs we explore and the beaches we visit. All of our tours are conducted in a manner that minimizes our impact on the environment.

The sea life, flora and fauna that we encounter in our excursions are shared with our guests in an ethical, respectful manner – we strive to leave every beach, reef and trail that we explore, cleaner than when we found it.

We teach proper snorkeling etiquette such as the importance of not walking on, or touching the coral reefs, which can harm the fragile underwater ecosystems. Snorkel & Beach Tours also volunteers in beach cleanups, and maintaining trails. Whenever possible, we patronize local Puerto Rican businesses to meet our needs.

Our Boats

Traveler Catamaran

Our Beautiful Sailing Catamaran, “Traveler”, is U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified for up to 48 passengers. The twin hull design of the catamaran is designed to provide the most comfortable ride on the water. The vessel boasts a roomy main cabin/center cockpit and food serving facilities. We have a restroom facility below deck and we provide top quality snorkel gear.


Our powerboat, Tobias, is a Newton 46′ and was specially designed and equipped with unique features to enhance the safety and comfort of our passenger’s experience as we navigate the beautiful beaches and cays on the island of Culebra. Tobias can carry up to 48 passengers, with storage bins for snorkel gear, incidentals and has a restroom facility below deck. At the stern of the boat is a water entry platform with dual Sea Ladders providing easy exiting and boarding access.

Safety First

Our commitment to the professional development of our crew assures the comfort and safety of our guests. We offer great value for our visiting adventurers by providing well-maintained equipment and attentive customer service. The tour begins with a short safety briefing as we head out of the marina into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Both of our vessels feature sturdy safety railings all around the boat and are US Coast Guard inspected and certified. Among many safety precautions, your Captain and crew will request that:

  • Our guests refrain from walking with flippers, at any time, out of the water.
  • When moving about the vessel to please hold on to railings.
  • Avoid all contact with the coral reefs when snorkeling to prevent skin burn.

Note: Be advised that the Tobias Culebra Power Boat traverse open waters that may not be appropriate for pregnant women and children under 6 years of age.