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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What should we bring?

    Wear comfortable clothes and bathing suit underneath, beach sandals, bring sun lotion, sun glasses, a hat, beach towel, and a camera.

    What is our itinerary?
    The Captain of Tobias will choose our beach and snorkel locations very carefully. Using the internet, we can first check the ocean buoys to see what part of the islands will get swells and surf- the places to avoid. We also use our close friends who work on the waters of Fajardo Sound, this seems to be the best source of information believe it or not. We will make every effort to visit the best beaches and snorkeling spots that the current sea and wind conditions of your tour will allow.

    What is your cancelation policy?
    Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of credit card information. Cancellations will be considered if made 24 hours or more before trip launch time. Cancellations for groups of 10 or more must be made 48 hours or more before trip launch time. Cancellations made inside the 24 and 48 hours to launch times will be charged full rate per person. No-Shows will be charged full tour and transportation rate (if applicable) per person to your credit card.

    Weather cancellations are made by the Traveler staff. We will do our best to reschedule a trip. If this is not possible, all payments are refunded in full. Trips altered by weather are not subject to a refund.

    What do you do in case of bad weather?
    Unless we have called you, to cancel your scheduled tour, plan on arriving to the boat at the regularly scheduled time. Weather conditions can vary wildly from metro San Juan to our docks in Fajardo. It can be raining "cats and dogs" in San Juan, where you are staying, and be perfectly nice at the harbor or at our snorkeling destination. Also, the skies can clear quickly in the Caribbean, and flash squalls are quite common. Many times, they are followed by beautiful sunshine and perfect weather conditions!

    So we always advise you NOT to pay too much attention to local weather reports. Trust us! We have over 10 years of experience. We will NOT take you out, unless we can provide you with a quality tour or great snorkeling.
    In the event that we do cancel the trip, you will be given the choice of either rescheduling or a complete refund.

    Do you provide transportation?
    Yes! We provide pick-up and drop off transportation from most locations in metropolitan San Juan and many points in between the city and our docks in Fajardo on the east coast of Puerto Rico. See pick-up and drop-off times from your location, here.

    What kinds of marine life will we see?
    We see plenty of reef fish such as the Sergeant-Majors, tangs, sting rays, Yellow Tail snappers, turtles, Blue Runners, Lion Fish, Butterfly & Angel fish and octopuses (sometimes sea turtles and manatees!). Bear in mind that plenty of times we have shown up at snorkeling locations only to be slightly let down from not seeing sea turtles or other well known marine life of the Caribbean.

    What types of flotation devices do you have on the boat?
    We have life vests and Sea Belts.

    Do you have life vests for children?
    We carry USCG approved Life Preservers for all passengers in case of emergency. We also have vests for children 20 – 60 pounds.

    What does “weather permitting” mean?
    Tamarindo Beach is our first choice for the snorkeling on our trips because it is the most requested destination. We do not go to Flamenco Beach when the wind or the weather will not make it a comfortable criuse. (Wind direction is the key factor not the wind strength.) We do make Tamarindo Beach most of the time in the mornings and 50% of the time in the afternoon. Our Snorkel & Beach Tours are designed to have multiple Beach and Snorkel options for most weather conditions.

    Will I get Sea Sick?
    Everyone is different when it comes to motion illness that it is impossible to answer that question for any individual. If you are prone to getting ill in planes, trains or cars than you may want to be cautious about the boat trip and take some medication. Also, it helps to avoid caffeine in the morning, if you are easily seasick. There are several new options on market now offering a change from the age old Dramamine. Ask your local pharmacist for assistance Better safe than sorry!