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  • Testimonials

  • Excellent Snorkel/beach tour! The crew was great, they definitely went above and beyond to make sure it was a good day for everyone. Stopped twice to snorkel at 2 different reefs, and then finished the day with 1-2 hours at Flamenco Beach to relax. Gorgeous!


  • Turquoise blue wate and sugar white beaches as spectacular as any on St John or BVI. Chris was an awsome crew and kept every well hydrated! Water was rough at some of the intended spots but where we ended up were just spectacular...top five in doing boat trips for 30 years.

    Bill F.

  • Sorry for the overdue review, but it was amazing trip last year with this crew. Reservation process was easy. The crew made this trip so enjoyable. All friendly and responsible. Carried a lady across the beautiful calm water so she could enjoy the white sand. Snorkel equipment worked well for even our 2 children.


  • These guys are all pros. They run a great boat and have all the equipment and experience you need for a great day on the water. We would have preferred more time snorkeling but others clearly enjoyed the time on Flamenco beach as well. Super service and a really fun crew. Would definitely go again.

    Mike M.

  • The day of the trip was warm and breezy. We were scheduled to depart at 0930- but it was about 9:45 before we pulled out. Great crew... They really took care of the boat and the passengers. Everything was very organized and in great shape. Highly recommend this boat and crew if you're interested in visiting Culebra!

    M Brace

  • My friends and I really enjoyed our trip to Culebra Island and Flamenco Beach on the SS Tobias! The ride to the island was so much fun because we were against the waves and on the top deck of the boat! Felt like an amusement park ride! The crew was fantastic, super friendly, and helpful! The lunch they served was healthy and delicious and the rum drinks were def a plus!

    Helen Q.

  • We went on a snorkeling and beach trip, the crew were excellent. we couldn't get to Flamenco beach as the conditions were not great, so they took us to a beach you can only get to by boat. Whilst there we had a floating bar. The crew went out of their way to ensure you enjoyed the trip, many thanks.

    Paul M.

  • Three of us took the Tobias to Culebra a few days ago and I highly recommend this if you are in the area. We got to check out Culebra without having to deal with the ferry (we heard horror stories) as well as snorkel off the island and check out Zona beach. Staff was very knowledgeable and safety oriented.

    Brian F.