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  • Join us on a Snorkel and Beach Cruise to Culebra Island, Puerto Rico!
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  • Group Snorkel & Beach Charters to Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

    Create your trip, your pick up time, your destination, customize your day, and we make it happen! Check out our Private Snorkeling and Beach Tour options, and pick what’s best for your group. If you are looking for a full day on a deserted beach, or a full day of pure snorkeling, or a combination of Beach & Snorkel, we can make it happen!

    Our Snorkel & Beach tours of Culebra, Puerto Rico are designed to offer the best experience, no matter if your guests are beginners or experienced snorkelers, we will cater to your needs and find a way to make your day snorkeling with us very enjoyable.

    Culebra Island is truly a spectacular destination for snorkeling and beach exploration, as it is surrounded by spectacular beaches, reefs and cays.