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  • Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

    The Island of Culebra, just 20 miles off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico has fabulous white sandy beaches teeming with amazing sea life. The island is also known as Isla Chiquita ("Little Island")

  • One of the oldest bird sanctuaries in the United States territory was established in Culebra on February 27, 1909 by President Teddy Roosevelt. There are bird sanctuaries on many of the surrounding smaller islands and cays as well as turtle nesting sites on Culebra. An estimated 50,000 sea birds find their way back to the sanctuaries every year.

    The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which totals more than one-third of the islands' area, is populated with terns, gulls, pelicans, boobies and several species of endangered turtles.

  • The Beaches of our Culebra Snorkel & Beach Tour

    Join us in a fantastic Beach and Snorkel Day Trip to Culebra Island. We take our guests on an excursion to secluded coves only accessible by boat, or provide a rare opportunity to experience the world famous Flamenco Beach. Another option is to explore the Luis Peña Nature Reserve’s beaches where sea turtles nest and the underwater sea life will amaze you with a variety of fish and colorful reef gardens. For the best snorkeling trips that Puerto Rico has to offer, Culebra is THE PLACE!

    Our Culebra Snorkel & Beach Tour includes visiting two of the following beaches. Your Captain will decide, based on wind and wave conditions, which of the following beach stops will provide a safe anchorage and the best snorkeling conditions. Not to worry…any two of these beaches far surpasses those on the mainland of Puerto Rico and are guaranteed to give our adventuresome guests the snorkeling experience they will not soon forget!

    Flamenco Beach, Culebra

    This is the iconic, horseshoe shaped beach famous the world over as one of the 7 most beautiful beaches on the planet! It is Culebra’s most popular destination. The sand is super white and the water is crystal clear with National Wildlife Refuges on either side of the “horseshoe”.

    A popular landmark is a World War II-era tank that lies just short of the shore, a relic of the time the U.S. Navy controlled the area. The surrounding area across much of the island’s coast is a nature preserve that protects nesting sites for giant sea turtles and large colonies of tropical birds.

    Carlos Rosario Beach, Culebra

    A pristine stretch of beach facing Cayo Luis Peña, Carlos Rosario is considered Culebra’s best spot for snorkeling, but it also offers a wonderful place to sunbathe, dip in azure waters, and take a break from the more crowded beaches of Culebra. The beach, located on the northwest side of Culebra, is to the north of Tamarindo Beach.

    The snorkeling is fantastic with reef formations just a few swim strokes from the shore. The reef gardens are ablaze with the flamboyant colors of abundant, vigorous corals; some of them topped with waving sea fan coral, which swing impressively with the movement of the ocean waves.

    Luis Peña Beach (West), Cayo Luis Peña

    Located on a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Culebra are secluded coves with amazingly beautiful, pristine, white sandy beaches. The beaches on the west side of Cayo Luis Peña are accessible only by boat – truly off the beaten track! Depending on the time of year these small beaches may be closed to visitors due to turtles nesting. The beaches are lined by Sea Grape trees on one side and coral reef on the other. The rocky points nearby are protected nesting areas for tropical Seabirds.

    Tamarindo Beach, Culebra

    Is a stunning beach located in the “Cayo Luis Peña” Nature Reserve and is one of the beaches that Tobias visits. The beach is great for snorkeling, as the underwater sea life is extraordinary! Here snorkelers and divers will get to know the marine life that the waters of Culebra are world famous for.

    Tamarindo’s beach is made up of white sand and coral stone and is over a mile long. The bay, being on the western shore of Culebra is quite protected from the prevailing easterly trade winds – conditions that provide the clearest, calm waters; perfect for spotting a multitude of fish, stingrays and sea turtles. Look for sections of grass where the Sea Turtles come to eat and play!

    Punta Soldado Beach, Culebra

    Located on the extreme southwest tip of Culebra is the Punta Soldado Beach. The crescent shaped beach is mostly sand, coral and small stone. Being on the protected, western side of the point, the bay features gentle lapping waves and an abundance of reef life – excellent for snorkeling. A wide variety of fish can be spotted along with sea turtles and lobsters…if your lucky! The arid peninsula is habited by some of the over 50 species of cactus found on the Island. Legend has it that a Spanish soldier (soldado) that had deserted was found here.